• Established in 1898, 15 years after the founding of Bath Iron Works.

    Doubling Point Lighthouse

  • One of four navigational aids dating back to 1895 along the Kennebec River's 11 mile stretch between the Atlantic Ocean and Bath, Maine

    Squirrel Point Lighthouse

  • Built in 1898 as part of a major improvement on navigational aids on the river, they are the only surviving pair of range lights in the state.

    Doubling Point Range Lights

  • The pyramidal bell structure was built in 1914, two years after a large steamship, the Ransom B. Fuller, ran aground in the fog on this section of the river.

    Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal

  • On July 4, 1765, 11 years before Independence Day, several members of the 1734 Presbyterian Church at Fort Noble, on Fiddler's Reach, withdrew from that church and gathered at the Congregational Church at a meetinghouse. As more church members began to live on the mainland, complaints soared about having to row through dangerous ice flows on the Kennebec River in the winter to attend worship services.  The present sanctuary was completed in 1802.

    Phippsburg Congregational Church

  • The fort was built from granite blocks quarried on nearby Fox and Dix Islands. It had a 30-foot (9 m)-high wall facing the mouth of the Kennebec River and was built in a crescent shape, measuring approximately 500 feet (150 m) in circumference.

    During the closing months of the American Civil War, from October 1864 to July 1865, the fort was garrisoned by the 7th Unassigned Company of Maine Infantry.  

    Fort Popham

  • First established in 1821 on Pond Island (one of several in Maine) at the mouth of the Kennebec. The present structure was built in 1855

    Pond Island Lighthouse

  • Established in 1795, it is the tallest lighthouse in Maine and is also one of the oldest in the United States.

    Seguin Lighthouse

  • Established in 1898, as part of a major upgrade of the river's lights.  Perkins Island is a small, predominantly wooded island in the southern reaches of the Kennebec River, on the west side of Georgetown Island

    Perkins Lighthouse

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